Monday, August 23, 2010

This Is Why We Do It.....

Sometimes I wonder why I take supplements, eat properly, value sleep, and see alternative health practitioners.

When I was working out with my training partner this week, and then later on watching the news about Brett Favre’s return, I had a brain fart and realized that I do these things for longevity and quality of life. As I talked to my training my partner, who is about a decade older than me, about taking supplements, eating properly, smart training and sleeping properly I realized that these topics affect everybody’s daily lives. We may not realize it but at NGV we see and talk to so many customers and we observe their health conditions. What do I mean by seeing it? Well how many of your family, relatives and friends are taking pharmaceutical drugs? How many feel recovered after workouts or yet even exercise? How many feel youthful or don’t often complain about joint pain, brain fog or just give that lame excuse about the fact that they are just getting old. Well, I am not going to say that I never feel like garbage, but since I have taken control of my health and have been accomplishing my health goals I feel great 95% of the time.

Many people associate their level of health to their age, however I beg to differ. If you take control of your health and change numerous things about your lifestyle, you can feel the change that takes place rather quickly. On the internet you can read tons of testimonials, or maybe you have heard of somebody who took the responsibility of their health into their own hands and they were able to get off of their medications, have more energy, loose body fat and the list goes on. Why can’t this be you?

People ask me if they will see a difference in taking supplements or eating properly. I say you might. Here are some factors that you should focus on to identify if these techniques are working. Now remember most natural approaches are not overnight solutions, they may take 6-12 months to notice. As I tell a lot of customers, if it took 40 years to finally do something about your issue, it may take 40 weeks to fix it.

Here are some questions I ask my customers when they say they have not noticed a difference after they have changed their routine:

• When was the last time you got sick?
• How do you rate your energy levels?
• When you workout do you feel good the next day? i.e recovered enough that you could go in and pump it up at 100% the next day?
• Are you on any medication or able to get off of any medication?
• Do you feel old?
• Do you have better digestion of foods?
• Are you happy with your body?

In the end, I think that anybody who treats there body properly, will tell you that they feel, think and perform better when they respect their body. How do we know this? Well let’s just say that we have all experienced the dark side. The dark side being: eating junk, drinking junk, not sleeping and not exercising! It is then that we realize the difference in our bodies’ performance and we tell ourselves that we will never do it again.

Please remember that it is never too late to start taking responsibility for your health, at the end of the day, you are the only one to blame for your poor health.

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  1. Great post, Hari. Looking forward to checking in on the blog often.