Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Thoughts From A Guy Who Sits In A Car For Too Long....

Why do people stress about supplements when they eat corn fructose syrup, drink pop and take pharmaceutical drugs?

If you are looking for weight loss ideas, eat 100% clean for 2 weeks and you will find the missing link. Meat, veggies, nuts, and 1 piece of fruit. Repeat.

Eating organic tortilla chips and drinking organic soda is no better than eating the regular stuff? Is sniffing organic cocaine better than the regular?

Why do people stress about over training when they only workout 4 times a week?

The most expensive piece of furniture in your house should be your bed because you spend the most amount of time in it.

Eating Protein Bars should be considered a junk meal at all times, when some of them taste that good, there is no way they can be healthy.

Food should be the most expensive item that is put in your mouth.

Why are people afraid of protein intake, when eating sugar is pro-inflammatory, assists in dehydration, and will give you type II diabetes. Not to mention a belly!

Gas, bloating, loose stools, not having a bowel movement everyday is not normal. You should look into a taking a digestive enzyme with HCL, or get a food sensitivity test done.

Fish oil is the most expensive supplement that I buy because it comes from another animal and I want to make sure that it’s the purest, not the cheapest.

Organic green supplements are cheaper than non organic green supplements. When I think of supplementing my greens, I think organic has less pesticides.

Why is that when we take care of our health, we are considered nuts?

Why do people put premium gas in their cars but not in their bodies?

Everybody should try rice protein for 30 days and realize that gas and bloating are not normal.

These are just some of the random thoughts I have when I drive 3 hours a day… until next time!

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