Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Change It Up

I know you have heard about the usual tips to make you bigger, leaner, stronger and healthier. I thought it would be great to share some simple tips to change some things up from your regular routine.

1. Instead of always drinking water try drinking soda water like San Pellegrino. What is interesting about this fancy liquid is that it is alkaline and when you add freshly squeezed lemon it tastes fantastic! What we do know is that foods that are alkaline are awesome for your health and it is harder to find foods that are alkaline rather than acidic!

2. Try eating a food that you have not eaten before every couple of weeks! Even if it is a cheat meal try something new. If I did not incorporate this rule into my weekly rituals I would never have tried certain rice proteins, hemp seed milk, quinoa, and leeks.

3. Try having 5 colors on your plate. Next time you sit down and enjoy a wonderful meal with great company, take a look at your plate. Do you see color? Variety? For example chicken breast (white), Quinoa ( try red quinoa), a cup of spinach and some cut yellow peppers. Adding in different colors will add variety and will also add more nutrients to your day.

4. Find some Game! Are you looking for more nutrients in your day? Tired of eating chicken, beef and fish? Worried about all of the harmful additives in these foods? Try eating wild game meats like Elk, Buffalo, Venison, Ostrisch etc. If you can’t find these meats, we will have buffalo very soon! Wild game is high in nutrients and has no antibiotics, and no hormones, and is generally grass fed. Add it to your new foods that you must try!

5. Switch some of your supplements up. Always using fish oil?, try cod liver oil. Always using a multi vitamin try using a superfoods 2-3 a day instead of using a multi. Switching your supplements around will give you nutrients from different sources. You could notice a difference in your energy, recovery, immunity and moods. You will still get the same nutrients but from different sources.
These are just some simple changes that you can make to your lifestyle that will add variety! We all get comfortable in our day to day routine and often we forget to spice it up a bit. If you have any other tips on how to PIMP up your lifestyle feel free to write a comment!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's New at Global Vitamins

1.Hempseed Flour Power
Hempseed flour is an amazing flour that we now carry that has a great macronutrient profile. It has 14 grams of protein, 3.6 grams of fat, 11 grams of carbohydrates and 6.4 grams of fibre! Best of all it is gluten free, making it an awesome alternative to regular wheat based flour.

1bs pound is $4.99

Here is an easy Protein Pancake recipe:
1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups of Hemp Flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 scoop of natural whey powder / vanilla
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2cups of rice milk
2 eggs or equivalent egg replacer
2 - 3 tablespoons oil
Add some fresh blueberries to get some extra antioxidants!
Mix the dry ingredients together and then add the rice milk / or my new favorite hemp milk, oil and eggs. Mix well and try to get some of the lumps out of the batter. Don't worry about making it perfectly smooth. It will be fine.
Heat a skillet on medium heat. When heated, scoop the pancake batter recipe into the frying pan with a large spoon to make individual pancakes. The pan will probably only take one or two pancakes at a time. Cook on one side until the top begins to bubble, then flip over and cook on the other side.

2. Ormus Greens
It's the newest super food / greens product and we have it. It's organic, raw and vegan friendly, and most importantly it has a nice spearmint flavour that will mix with any post workout vanilla protein, or with a cup of cold H2o. As many of you know, at NGV we are huge fans of only Organic super foods as they will have no pesticides and higher mineral and nutrient density then those that are not. Furthermore they are the same price!
1 lb of Ormus greens is now on sale for $69.99
Here is a list of Ingredients and a brief description of what their benefits are.
Oat Grass - We use oat grass in our formula because it picks up the highest amounts of Noble Elements and ormus from the soil. Oat grass is used traditionally to help build sexual stamina. Oat grass (Avena Sativa) has a relaxing and stimulating action that nourishes and strengthens the nervous system. Barley and Wheat Grass- Barley and wheat grass are both loaded with high trace minerals, calcium, iron, all essential amino acids, vitamin C, the flavonoids, and a number of enzymes and minerals. They also contain superoxide dismutase (SOD), a powerful antioxidant enzyme that protects the cells against toxic free radicals. All the cereal grasses pick up ormus from the soil.
Alfalfa - Alfalfa is a plant which sends its roots down twenty to thirty feet into the ground and brings up the minerals that are not available on the surface. For this reason, the Arabic word Alfalfa means "father of plants." Alfalfa is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that play a vital role in the strength and growth of our bones and in the maintenance of a healthy body. It contains protein and vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K. It also contains calcium, potassium, carotene, iron, and zinc.
Yucca - Yucca are desert plants that are part of the Agave family. We wild craft our own wild Yucca plants in the high desert in a way that promotes growth for the other plants. Yucca extracts may have anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory effects including anti-fungal and anti- protozoal activities. Yucca is also a rich source of phenolics, including resveratrol and a number of other stilbenes (yuccaols A, B, C, D and E). Yucca extracts and its phenolics are also anti-oxidants and free-radical scavengers.
Parsley - Parsley is perhaps one of the most commonly used but therapeutically under-rated of herbs. Parsley is very high in bio available vitamin C and is a good source of manganese, calcium and potassium. It also contains flavonoids that act as antioxidants. Parsley is also rich in vitamin A, well-known for its effects on vision, plus can mitigate risks of atherosclerosis and diabetes. Parsley cleanses the blood, dissolves sticky deposits in veins, maintains elasticity of blood vessels, facilitates removal of moderately sized kidney and gallstones, treats deafness and ear infections, and benefits the sexual system. Parsley helps with bad breath and is one of the most important herbs for providing vitamins to the body. It's like an immune-enhancing multi-vitamin and mineral complex in green plant form.
Spinach - Spinach is a rich source of protein, minerals, vitamins, pigments and phytonutrients. Health benefits of spinach are due to presence of vitamins, pigments, phytonutrients and minerals like potassium, manganese, zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium. Spinach is a source of vitamins like folate, niacin, vitamin A, B6, C and traces of the rest of the vitamins. Other important elements, including thiamine and riboflavin, that are used in various reactions in our body are also found in spinach. Spinach is rich in pigments like beta carotene, lutein and xanthene and chlorophyllin etc.
Probiotic Culture - We use a “live active culture” process with part of our cereal greens. This is different from other companies who just mix Probiotics into their greens. Traditional Probiotic foods include: yogurt, kefir, miso, and sauerkrauts and are very good for the body and digestive tract. Science has learned that cultured foods are easy to digest and create life-enhancing nutrients.
Peppermint makes our greens easy to drink and very palatable. Peppermint is also an age-old herbal medicine that has been used to treat a wide range of abdominal woes, from flatulence to stomach cancer to gallbladder disease. Several studies have shown that peppermint seems to be fairly effective at relieving irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a collection of symptoms that includes abdominal cramping and pain, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. Peppermint also has anti-parasitic properties and has been used in folk remedies to get rid of parasites.
Whole Leaf Stevia - We use the whole leaf stevia herb which has been used for centuries in South America to aid diabetics and hypoglycemics. Research has shown that a whole leaf stevia herb has a regulating effect on the pancreas and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Herbal stevia is therefore useful to people with diabetes, hypoglycemia, and Candidiasis. Other traditional uses of herbal stevia are to lower elevated blood pressure (hypertension), as a digestive aid that also reduces gas and stomach acidity, and for obesity. The herb acts as general tonic which increases energy levels and mental acuity. The stevia herb has also been shown to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay, making it an excellent addition for the teeth and gums.

3. Silver Hills Bakery Little Big Bread
Silver Hills Bakery is a great new SPROUTED bread that we have been carrying for the past 4 months. It is comparable to Ezekiel bread , but this bread is low crab friendly! Per 2 slices it offers 7 grams of protein, 19 grams of carbohydrates and 5 grams of fibre.
On sale now for $4.49 a loaf!
Also available from Silver Hills Bakery - Mack's Flax, Squirelly, Hempatation, and Kamut king.

4. Professional Brands
In the recent months we have been getting more customers looking for more professional brands. We are currently carrying and special ordering products from:
Metagenics Inc
Biotics Research
Douglas Labs
Pure Encapsulation

Coming Soon!

100% Local Beef
We will be getting 600lbs of local beef from a farmer that we contracted out to nourish to cows for us. The beef will be grass fed, free of antibiotics and hormones. We will keep you updated for when we will have it for sale!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 613-284-0076.

Yours in health,


Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Thoughts From A Guy Who Sits In A Car For Too Long....

Why do people stress about supplements when they eat corn fructose syrup, drink pop and take pharmaceutical drugs?

If you are looking for weight loss ideas, eat 100% clean for 2 weeks and you will find the missing link. Meat, veggies, nuts, and 1 piece of fruit. Repeat.

Eating organic tortilla chips and drinking organic soda is no better than eating the regular stuff? Is sniffing organic cocaine better than the regular?

Why do people stress about over training when they only workout 4 times a week?

The most expensive piece of furniture in your house should be your bed because you spend the most amount of time in it.

Eating Protein Bars should be considered a junk meal at all times, when some of them taste that good, there is no way they can be healthy.

Food should be the most expensive item that is put in your mouth.

Why are people afraid of protein intake, when eating sugar is pro-inflammatory, assists in dehydration, and will give you type II diabetes. Not to mention a belly!

Gas, bloating, loose stools, not having a bowel movement everyday is not normal. You should look into a taking a digestive enzyme with HCL, or get a food sensitivity test done.

Fish oil is the most expensive supplement that I buy because it comes from another animal and I want to make sure that it’s the purest, not the cheapest.

Organic green supplements are cheaper than non organic green supplements. When I think of supplementing my greens, I think organic has less pesticides.

Why is that when we take care of our health, we are considered nuts?

Why do people put premium gas in their cars but not in their bodies?

Everybody should try rice protein for 30 days and realize that gas and bloating are not normal.

These are just some of the random thoughts I have when I drive 3 hours a day… until next time!

Monday, August 23, 2010

This Is Why We Do It.....

Sometimes I wonder why I take supplements, eat properly, value sleep, and see alternative health practitioners.

When I was working out with my training partner this week, and then later on watching the news about Brett Favre’s return, I had a brain fart and realized that I do these things for longevity and quality of life. As I talked to my training my partner, who is about a decade older than me, about taking supplements, eating properly, smart training and sleeping properly I realized that these topics affect everybody’s daily lives. We may not realize it but at NGV we see and talk to so many customers and we observe their health conditions. What do I mean by seeing it? Well how many of your family, relatives and friends are taking pharmaceutical drugs? How many feel recovered after workouts or yet even exercise? How many feel youthful or don’t often complain about joint pain, brain fog or just give that lame excuse about the fact that they are just getting old. Well, I am not going to say that I never feel like garbage, but since I have taken control of my health and have been accomplishing my health goals I feel great 95% of the time.

Many people associate their level of health to their age, however I beg to differ. If you take control of your health and change numerous things about your lifestyle, you can feel the change that takes place rather quickly. On the internet you can read tons of testimonials, or maybe you have heard of somebody who took the responsibility of their health into their own hands and they were able to get off of their medications, have more energy, loose body fat and the list goes on. Why can’t this be you?

People ask me if they will see a difference in taking supplements or eating properly. I say you might. Here are some factors that you should focus on to identify if these techniques are working. Now remember most natural approaches are not overnight solutions, they may take 6-12 months to notice. As I tell a lot of customers, if it took 40 years to finally do something about your issue, it may take 40 weeks to fix it.

Here are some questions I ask my customers when they say they have not noticed a difference after they have changed their routine:

• When was the last time you got sick?
• How do you rate your energy levels?
• When you workout do you feel good the next day? i.e recovered enough that you could go in and pump it up at 100% the next day?
• Are you on any medication or able to get off of any medication?
• Do you feel old?
• Do you have better digestion of foods?
• Are you happy with your body?

In the end, I think that anybody who treats there body properly, will tell you that they feel, think and perform better when they respect their body. How do we know this? Well let’s just say that we have all experienced the dark side. The dark side being: eating junk, drinking junk, not sleeping and not exercising! It is then that we realize the difference in our bodies’ performance and we tell ourselves that we will never do it again.

Please remember that it is never too late to start taking responsibility for your health, at the end of the day, you are the only one to blame for your poor health.

Monday, August 16, 2010

We're Only Getting Started......


New Global Vitamins (NGV) was started on July 7, 2003 in the great small town of Smiths Falls, Ontario. New Global Vitamins used to be called Global Vitamins and had been operating in Smiths Falls six years prior to becoming New Global Vitamins. That gives our health food store a fourteen year history in helping people complete their quest for a healthy lifestyle.

In November of 2009, New Global Vitamins expanded and moved to 25 Beckwith St North, Smiths Falls (see map). This expansion was a direct result of the increased demand of our clientele who were looking for more health related products. Prior to the expansion, NGV was predominantly a supplement store, however in 2009 we took a step forward to become a one stop health food store. We now offer increased supplement lines, Natural Beauty Care, Bulk Food and Hypoallergenic Foods such as gluten free and dairy free options.

Who are we?

NGV is a health food store that is staffed by passionate, reliable and efficient people. Hari Ghuman (owner) is a Registered Nutritionist. He is available to customers for information as well as providing customized supplement programs tailored to the individuals needs. NGV is a store focused on one on one service. We are always there for the customer to ensure that they are achieving their goals. NGV is a small town store, with a small town feel. The prices are very competitive and the staff is passionate about helping its customers. Our reliable staff is what sets us apart from most other stores, for example, if you come and shop with us in January it is guaranteed that you will served by the same staff six, twelve or eighteen months later. The personal contact and the ability to build different individualized programs for our customers is what we really strive for. When dealing with people’s health, our goal is to ensure that customers are getting the most up to date knowledge as possible.

What we do?

We build individualized protocols, we keep these protocols on file and we give each customer an information sheet on exactly how to take the products which they are purchasing. Our goal is to always ensure that the customer is meeting their goals as efficiently as possible! We also have the ability to back each of the products we sell. If you have a negative reaction to a product, or don’t like the flavor, or whatever the case maybe, we will take it back and exchange it until we get it right (with proof of purchase).

We also can assist through many health related issues a person may face in life. For example, if you are a diagnosed celiac and don’t know where to start we have two registered nutritionist on staff who can help get you started on the path to optimal health and nutrition (by appointment only).

We also offer a wide variety of supplements, homeopathics, natural beauty care, bulk food, alternative food, sports supplements and vitamins.

In order for you to see the difference, you will need to come and meet us to know that we are a passionate, reliable and efficient team always ready to help.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Welcome to the NewGlobalVitmains.ca official blog. This will be our forum for informing you with the latest updates and tips.