Monday, August 16, 2010

We're Only Getting Started......


New Global Vitamins (NGV) was started on July 7, 2003 in the great small town of Smiths Falls, Ontario. New Global Vitamins used to be called Global Vitamins and had been operating in Smiths Falls six years prior to becoming New Global Vitamins. That gives our health food store a fourteen year history in helping people complete their quest for a healthy lifestyle.

In November of 2009, New Global Vitamins expanded and moved to 25 Beckwith St North, Smiths Falls (see map). This expansion was a direct result of the increased demand of our clientele who were looking for more health related products. Prior to the expansion, NGV was predominantly a supplement store, however in 2009 we took a step forward to become a one stop health food store. We now offer increased supplement lines, Natural Beauty Care, Bulk Food and Hypoallergenic Foods such as gluten free and dairy free options.

Who are we?

NGV is a health food store that is staffed by passionate, reliable and efficient people. Hari Ghuman (owner) is a Registered Nutritionist. He is available to customers for information as well as providing customized supplement programs tailored to the individuals needs. NGV is a store focused on one on one service. We are always there for the customer to ensure that they are achieving their goals. NGV is a small town store, with a small town feel. The prices are very competitive and the staff is passionate about helping its customers. Our reliable staff is what sets us apart from most other stores, for example, if you come and shop with us in January it is guaranteed that you will served by the same staff six, twelve or eighteen months later. The personal contact and the ability to build different individualized programs for our customers is what we really strive for. When dealing with people’s health, our goal is to ensure that customers are getting the most up to date knowledge as possible.

What we do?

We build individualized protocols, we keep these protocols on file and we give each customer an information sheet on exactly how to take the products which they are purchasing. Our goal is to always ensure that the customer is meeting their goals as efficiently as possible! We also have the ability to back each of the products we sell. If you have a negative reaction to a product, or don’t like the flavor, or whatever the case maybe, we will take it back and exchange it until we get it right (with proof of purchase).

We also can assist through many health related issues a person may face in life. For example, if you are a diagnosed celiac and don’t know where to start we have two registered nutritionist on staff who can help get you started on the path to optimal health and nutrition (by appointment only).

We also offer a wide variety of supplements, homeopathics, natural beauty care, bulk food, alternative food, sports supplements and vitamins.

In order for you to see the difference, you will need to come and meet us to know that we are a passionate, reliable and efficient team always ready to help.

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